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Puerto Rican Anusim Return Home 2012-03-27

Research on family genealogy and customs bears fruit

Casa Shalom studies and collects material on individual and collective crypto-Jews from all over the world:  Sao Tome, New Mexico, South America, Cuba and other Caribbean islands, Spain, Portugal, Balearic Islands, Meshed, and Ireland.

This organization is engaged in projects linked to universities in the UK and America, Marranos in freemasonry, and 18th century immigration from Minorca to Florida and Cuba. Many of these immigrants were Anusim as recent research has brought to light. Casa Shalom has traced some of the descendants to modern times and found a continuance of  Jewish genealogy and customs in many of these families.

What began as purely academic research progressed over the years into providing personal advice, guidance and assistance to Anusim engaged in their personal journeys of discovery and return to their Jewish heritage. The moving story of one such family is related here by Gloria Mound.


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